Thư gửi tổng thống Mỹ Obama

Phần nôi dung :

I was informed that you will host Mr. Truong Tan Sang, President of the

Socialist Republic of Vietnam at the White House on Thursday, July 25,

2013. While I am happy to learn that you plan to discuss human rights

concerns with Mr. Sang, I call on you to champion political freedom and

press for the release of Vietnam’s many prisoners of conscience.

In recent years, the Vietnamese communist government has increased its

suppression of peaceful dissent by arresting scores of political activists

and bloggers. The government continues to tighten control over the

Internet and limit freedoms of speech, assembly, and association. In the

first half of 2013 alone, 46 democracy activists have been imprisoned,

while the 47th activist, human rights attorney and former National

Endowment for Democracy Fellow Le Quoc Quan, is waiting to be tried.

I ask that you use Mr. Sang’s upcoming visit as an opportunity to

establish clear benchmarks to improve human rights in Vietnam. Sustainable

economic development should be coupled with human rights achievements. The

people of Vietnam deserve a freer Internet and legal reforms that

guarantees freedom of expression and association.

As President, you’ve demonstrated a strong determination to promote

democracy around the world. Please stand by Vietnam’s brave human rights

defenders such as legal scholar Cu Huy Ha Vu, musician Viet Khang,

bloggers Dieu Cay and Paulus Le Son, entrepreneur Tran Huynh Duy Thuc,

university students Nguyen Phuong Uyen and Dinh Nguyen Kha and ensure that

their call for change is not ignored. They deserve more than just

expressions of concern; their continual arbitrary detention should compel

you to act.

Thank you for your urgent attention to this highly important issue.


Oanh Tô


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